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How do I join Coastal Federal Credit Union?

Membership in 3 Easy StepsEligibility. Join via community charter, family. membership, business partner, or. through the NCSEA. Learn More.What You'll Need. To begin, enter your name, email, address, and drivers license. information.Open an Account. Open your savings account with a. 0 deposit and you're a Coastal. member! › Join › Getting-Started › Join-Coastal-Credit-UnionJoin Coastal Credit Union - Coastal Federal Credit › Join › Getting-Started › Join-Coastal-Credit-Union

Can anyone join Coastal Credit Union?

If you're an immediate family and household member of someone who has already joined Coastal, you are also eligible to become a Coastal member. Immediate family is defined as spouse, child, sibling, parent, grandparent, grandchild, stepparent, stepchildren, stepsibling and anyone in an adoptive relationship.

Is Coastal Federal Credit Union a good bank?

Coastal Federal Credit Union offers a better way to bank, but they're not a bank. That's an important point. A bank's primary goal is to deliver profits to its shareholders. As a not-for-profit, member-owned cooperative, Coastal's main goal is to deliver affordable, convenient and professional financial services.

How do I find my routing number Coastal Federal Credit Union?

To set up a direct debit or credit to your account you will want to provide the ABA/Routing Number 253175494. If you have a checking account, please use the 14 digit number on the bottom of your checks.

Coastal Federal credit union logo

The Coastal Federal Credit Union allows its customers to login for online bill payment, banking and loan services. Coastal Credit Union has developed a secure web portal for its customers so that they can pay credit card bills, update their personal and financial information and much more in a snap.

Anyone can access the online payment portal of the Costal Credit Union. You just require to remember the login credentials and enjoy a hassle-free account management session. We have provided a detailed walkthrough of the sign in as credit card payment process.

How to Log in to your Coastal Federal Credit Union Account

Step 1– Go to the webpage of the Coastal 24 ( and you will find the login section at the top right.

Coastal Union Loan Payment

Step 2– Type in the user id and password in the white boxes and click on the “Login” button below. Once your identity is validated you will be taken to the account management console from where one can pay credit card bills and access a wide range of e-services.

Coastal Union Loan Payment

To make a payment you can pay online, through the mail or by phone.

Customers who are willing to pay online need to go to the login page of the Credit Union and sign in.

Once you are taken to the online credit management console you will be finding the payments tab. Select a payment method and you are ready to go.

For paying through the mail you are required to send the payment to the address below:

Coastal Credit Union, Attn: Payments, P.O. Box 10009, Irmo, SC 29063-5009.

To pay over phone call at 800-868-4262.

Coastal Federal Credit Union Customer Service

Coastal Federal Credit Union Routing Number


Call: 800-868-4262